『最強の基本英単語リストNGSL』英単語クイズ & ランキング(Adverb – 副詞)

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最強の基本英単語リストNGSL – 英単語クイズ(副詞部門)




  1. Noun = 名詞 1405語
  2. Verb = 動詞 626語
  3. Adjective = 形容詞 454語
  4. Adverb = 副詞 194語

ここでは「Adverb Definition Quiz」をランキングに関係なくランダムに6セット(60問)を出題していきます。答えは下のランキングに全て含まれているので無理のない程度に少しずつチャレンジしてみてください。


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NGSL – 英単語ランキング(副詞部門)


1not~でないused to make an expression negative
2soとてもto a degree that is suggested or stated
3thereそこin that place or position, at that location
4moreもっとgreater in amount, number, or size
5whenどこat what time, at, in, during which, how soon
6up上がるto move towards a high place from a lower one
7out外へin a direction or movement away from the inside or center
8noいいえ、ないnot at all, in a way that shows a negative response
9well上手く、上手にin a successful way, in a good or satisfactory way
10veryとてもto a high degree
11justただ~exactly, to an exact degree or manner
12nowat the present time or moment
13thenその時、それからat that time, at the time mentioned, after that
14also~もまたin addition, too, in a similar way
15onlyたったalone in a class or category
16whereどこto be in at or in what place?
17mostもっともalmost all of something
18muchたくさんlarge in amount or extent
19howどのようにしてby what means or manner?
20even平らな、等しいbeing flat, equal or smooth
21hereここin this place, at this location or position
22really本当にvery or very much
23down下へgoing from a higher position to a lower position
24too~もまたin addition, also
25stillまだused to express that an action or condition continues
26off離れてaway from a place or at a distance
27whyなぜfor what reason or purpose
28never決して~しないnot ever, not at any time
29again再びone more time, once more
30alwaysいつもat all times
31howeverしかしused to introduce a different statement
32away離れて・去ってat a distance from a particular person or place
33far遠いto a great distance in space or time
34lessより少ないnot so much, a smaller amount of
35once一度one time only
36enough十分equal to what is needed, as much as required
37quiteかなりto a very large degree, very
38oftenしばしばmany times, frequently, on many occasions
39actually実際used when you are saying what is the truth of a situation
40ratherやや、割にto a certain extent
41together一緒にto be with each other or in one group
42alreadyすでにbefore this time
43almostほとんどonly a little less than, nearly, not quite
44yetまだuntil now, up until the present
45ever今までにat any time, at all times
46soonすぐにat a time not long from now
47probablyおそらくused to mean that something is very likely
48ago以前にin the past
49furtherさらにat a more distant place than here
50perhapsひょっとしてpossibly but not certainly, maybe
51sometimesときどきoccasionally; only at certain times,
52forward前方のtoward the front : to or toward what is ahead or in front 
53especially特にmore than usually; very, extremely
54maybe~かもしれないpossibly but not certainly : perhaps
55pleaseどうかused to ask for something in a polite way
56finally最後にafter a long time or some difficulty; the last point or idea
57therefore従って、だからfor that reason or because of that
58certainly確実なused to emphasize something and show that there is no doubt about it; used to agree to a request
59instead代わりused to say that one thing is done or is chosen when another is not chosen
60usuallyたいていin the way that most often happens
62simply簡単にin a way which is not complicated or difficult to understand
63prettyかなりの、すてきなlarge or impressive
64recently最近not long ago
65exactlyまさにcompletely correct
66thusそのようにas a result, in this way
67indeed実に、まさにwithout any question- used to stress the truth of a statement
68clearlyはっきりとin a way that is easy to see, hear, read, or understand
70quickly速くfast or in a short time
71generally一般的にusually, or in most situations
72obviously明らかにin a way that is easy to understand or see
73anywayとにかくdespite something that has been stated before 
74okayOK、いいよused when agreeing to do something or when allowing someone to do something
75completely完全にin every way or as much as possible
76easily簡単にwith no difficulty
77aheadin or toward the front 
78immediatelyただちにnow or without waiting or thinking about something
79suddenly突然quickly and unexpectedly
80directly直接with no other person or thing involved or between
81otherwiseさもなければin a different way or in all ways except the one mentioned
82straight真っすぐなnot having curves, bends, or angles
83highly非常に、高くvery or to a large degree
85slightlyわずかにa little
86apart離れたseparated by an amount of space 
87eventually最終的にin the end, especially after a long time
89extremely極めてvery, or much more than usual
90unfortunately残念ながらused to say that something bad or unlucky has happened
91apparently~そうだ、~らしいused to say that something seems to be true, although it is not certain
92mostlyたいていはmainly or most of the time
93currently現在happening or existing now
94twice2回two times
95somewhereどこかin, at, or to a place not known, named, or specified 
96relatively比較的にquite, when compared to other things or people
97hardlyほとんど~ないused to say that something was almost not possible or almost did not happen
98possiblyもしかしたらused when something is not certain
99carefully慎重にgiving a lot of attention to what you are doing so that you do not have an accident, make a mistake, or damage something
101moreoverそのうえにin addition to what has been said 
103basically基本的にin the most important or fundamental ways
104mainly投票者、有権者mostly or to a large degree
105fairlyかなりmore than average, but less than very; something done in a fair way
106necessarily必ずしも(esp. in negatives) in all cases; as an expected result
107slowlyゆっくりとat a low speed
109strongly強くvery much or in a very serious way
110definitely間違いなくwithout any doubt
111neverthelessそれにもかかわらずin spite of that, notwithstanding
112previously以前にbefore the present time or the time referred to
114seriously深刻にin a serious way; not joking
115increasinglyますますmore and more
116anywhereどこでも、どこにもin, at, or to any place 
117specifically具体的にfor a particular reason, purpose, etc.
118significantly著しく、かなりin a way that is easy to see or by a large amount
119surelyまさかused to express surprise that something has happened or is going to happen
120somewhatいくらか、ややin a small amount or degree; to some degree
121somehowなんとなく in a way that is not known or certain 
123besides~以外に、加えて、other than or in addition to
124properly適切にcorrectly, or in a satisfactory way
125closelyじっくりと、注意深くnear in space or time; carefully
126everywhereどこでも in or to every place 
127meanwhileその間にat or during the same time : in the meantime 
128furthermoreさらにin addition to what has been said
129widely広くincluding a lot of different places, people, subjects, etc.
130equally等しくto the same degree; in the same or in a similar way
131merely~にすぎないused meaning ‘only’ or ‘simply’ to emphasize a fact or something that you are saying
132truly本当にused to emphasize a description of something
133effectively効率的なin a way that is successful and achieves what you want
134elsewhere他の所でin or to another place 
135forth前へaway from a place, out
136abroad外国in or to a foreign country 
137perfectly完全にused to emphasize the word that follows it; in a perfect way
138personally個人的にdone by you and not someone else
139approximatelyおよそclose to a particular number or time although not exactly that number or time
140partly部分的にused to show that something is true to some degree but not completely
141originallyもともとat the beginning or before any changes
142asideわきへto or toward the side
143secondly第二にused for introducing the second reason, idea, etc.
145rapidly急速にhappening or moving very quickly
146typically典型的にused for saying that something is usual type of a person, thing, place, etc.
147deeply深くvery much
148respectivelyそれぞれin the same order as the people or things you have just talked about
149ultimately最終的にfinally, after a series of things have happened; in the end
151hence今から、この先from now, later than the present time
152anymoreこれ以上~ないoften used at the end of negative sentences and at the end of questions, to mean ‘any longer’
153heavily激しくa lot or to a great degree
154wheneverいつでもat any or every time that 
155naturally自然にas you would expect; something that happens because of nature
156initially初めはat the beginning
157rarelyほとんどないnot often
158constantly常にhappening a lot or all the time
159badlyひどくvery seriously; in a way that is of low quality or in an unpleasant way
160graduallyしだいにslowly over a period of time
161nowadays最近はat the present time 
162similarly同様にin a similar way
163regularly定期的にoften; at the same time each day, week, month, etc.
164brieflyちょっとの間lasting only for a short time
166occasionallyたまにnot happening often
167overseas海外にin or to a foreign country that is across a sea or ocean
169greatly大いにvery much
170successfullyうまくin a way that acomplishes what you want to achieve
172literally文字通りにhaving the real or original meaning of a word or phrase
173forever永遠にfor all time in the future
174automatically自動的にwithout human control
175dramaticallyドラマチックに、劇的にsuddenly or unexpectedly; with much drama
176consequently結果的にas a result
178presumablyおそらくused to say what you think is the likely situation
179regardless~にかかわらずwithout thinking about problems or difficulties
180hopefully願わくはused, often at the start of a sentence, to express what you would like to happen
181barelyかろうじてonly just
182firmlyしっかりとnot gently, with some force
183nowhereどこにも~ないnot in or at any place 
184surprisingly驚くべきin an unexpected way that makes someone feel surprised
185differently異なってnot in the same way as someone or something else
186whereverどこでもin, at, or to any place; in what place
187firstly初めにused to introduce the first idea, reason, etc. in a series
188quietly静かにmaking little or no noise
189altogether完全にcompletely and fully : totally, entirely 
190reasonably合理的にin a fair way, showing good judgment
191subsequentlyその後にhappening after something else
192gently優しくin a kind and careful way as not to hurt or upset anyone or anything
193faithfully忠実にin a loyal way or a way that can be trusted
194alright大丈夫good enough, although not very good; safe or well